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We are living at a time when simply having access to content is not good enough: there is too much choice!


App owners have to decide whether they want their users to mindlessly navigate buttons and menus to access the right content, or, to deliver empathetic and seamless experiences where only the most contextually relevant content is automatically served.

Abhishek Sen
CEO, Co-Founder


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Understand for the first time when your users interact with your app. With Insights, you can:

  • Identify user experience issues early

  • Learn behaviour and usage patterns

  • Explain reasons behind user churn

and much more.

Try Insights for free, and start analysing your data in as little as 10 minutes.

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Privacy-first, ID-less segmentation of users for advertising and beyond.

Examples: "Early Birds", "Fitness Fanatics", "Office Workers"

Real-time context SDK

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Act upon user behaviour in real-time.

Enable users to dictate the flow of your app by simply living their lives.

  • Send push notifications at the perfect moment

  • Adapt the app's home screen when their activity changes

  • Adjust advertising campaigns to match their situation.

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