Delivering contextual intelligence with ease and peace of mind

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User privacy was at the heart of our decisions from day one.


The common approach of collecting bulk user data for analysis in the cloud introduces difficult consent issues, so we instead researched new algorithms that allow this advanced technology to work on humble consumer phone hardware.


The result is an easy-to-use platform where sensor data never leaves the user's device, and privacy is preserved.

Chris Watts
CTO, Co-Founder

Easy to use High-Level Contexts

NumberEight's SDK is a sensor fusion platform that processes information from smartphone sensors to produce high-level predictions of a user's environment and interactions such as Walking and In a Train Station.

These predictions happen in real-time and can be combined to form rich pictures of how apps are being used.


Do people use your app when commuting, or in the office?

Do they leave the phone on the table, or hold it in their hand?

Now you can tell!

Number Eight

On-device Processing

Privacy-centric design ensures peace of mind for even the most restrictive regulations, whilst enabling the best user experience  with minimal latency.

Data gathered from sensors is kept on the device it came from, and is discarded once processed.

Importantly, usage of GPS is optional, and we do not access any camera or microphone data!

On device procesing


Artificial Intelligence

We work with academic partners to embrace the forefront of sensor fusion, signal processing and machine learning in a simple design that anyone can use.

Thanks to our patent-pending technology, we can process large volumes of data produced by modern smartphones in real-time with minimal battery consumption.